Safety is the top priority of Catalano Construction. There is nothing more important than the safety of our employees, other workers, the general public, and other stakeholders in and around a job site. Safety is a primary concern before, during, and after a project’s completion.

Catalano Construction employs a comprehensive safety program and consults with industry experts to stay up to date on all codes, regulations, and best practices. As evidenced by our dedication to safety over the years, we have earned an Experience Modification Ratio below 1.0. We take personal responsibility for the well-being of our employees and others, and these attitudes have resulted in a culture of safety at Catalano Construction.

Our employees are regularly trained to ensure that we stay on top of all applicable OSHA regulations, but also to be up to date with new safety trends, methods, and best practices in the industry. We provide employees with the equipment and tools necessary to maintain a safe environment, and conduct regular inspections and audits.

We understand that by doing all of this we limit our exposure to risk, site shutdowns, delays, costs, and legal and contractual responsibilities. At the end of the day, however, our main reason for doing all of this is to simply just make sure that everyone is safe.